Kalaripayattu - Martial Art Show

Bring the tradition and culture of India to your special occasion with our fantastic kalaripayattu artists, talented performers who are highly skilled in Indian martial arts and will provide you with unforgettable event entertainment. Guaranteed to impress, our unique show is fast-paced and highly impact, and will captivate audiences from beginning to end.

Traditional Indian entertainment

Traditional Indian entertainment with a twist, this fascinating Kalaripayattu show demonstrates an extensive array of ancient weaponry like sword and shield, dagger, urmi(flexible sword) etc. along with splendid animal postures in order to create a spellbinding performance that perfectly showcases the skill and precision involved in the martial arts in a new and exciting way.

Indian Martial Art Show

Indian themed act is ideal for festivals, corporate events, gala dinners, ceremonies, themed events, carnivals, product launches, and more, and is open to bookings for events in India and abroad.