05 Feb

jump in female students at self-defence classes

Shinto Mathew, who teaches kalaripayattu at his institute inSector 37, says, ``Kalaripayattu is one of the most rigorous forms of self-defence
Shinto Mathew, who teaches kalaripayattu at his institute in Sector 37, says, ``Kalaripayattu is one of the most rigorous forms of self-defence. Earlier, only boys used to take up this art, but now, we have a lot of girls learning it, too. The ratio of girls to boys in our classes is 60:40. Bollywood inspires a lot of youngsters to set up their fitness goals. When 'Baaghi' released last year, we started getting 30-35 calls per day from women!``
05 Feb

भारत की मारक कला 'कलारीपयट्टू' इजिप्ट में बमचक मचा आई, सीना तान लो

दिल्ली के कलारी केंद्रम से गुरुक्कल शिंटो और उनकी टीम के दस लोग गए थे. और वहां अपने औजारों के साथ ऐसी कलाकारी जमाई कि देखने वालों के कलेजे कड़क गए.इस शो का नाम था आसवान इंटरनेशनल फेस्टिवल. ये हथियार वहां दिखाए गए.
इजिप्ट में शो हो गया. अरे लल्लनटॉप शो नहीं, वहां जाने में अभी देर है. फाइटिंग आर्ट का शो था. 15 से 24 फरवरी तक धकापेल चला. 16 देश के फाइट आर्ट दिखाने वाले लोग आए थे. चीन, सूडान, नाइजीरिया, ग्रीस सब थे. लेकिन वहां सबसे ज्यादा झंडे किसने गाड़े? गेस करो. दिमाग लगाओ. अच्छा छोड़ो हम बताए देते हैं. हमारे यहां के सदियों पुराने कलारीपयट्टू ने. इस कला ने वहां सबको दांतों तले उंगली दबवा दी भाईसाब.
05 Feb

ICC to Host Kalaripayattu Workshop-Cum-Presentation in Seoul, South Korea

Indian Cultural Centre (ICC) is organizing a Kalaripayattu workshop-cum-presentation by Ms. Kim Eun-Jung and Mr. Shinto Mathew on August 1, 2016 at 6 p.m. at Auditorium.
Mr. Shinto Mathew is an accomplished Kalaripayattu exponent from kalari Kendram India. He has 15 years teaching experience in kalaripayattu.
05 Feb

Delhi's Kalari Kendram participated in World Martial Art Festival,

A bunch of students from Delhi's Kalari Kendram participated in World Martial Art Festival, 2016, which was recently held in Purwakarta, Indonesia.
In today's age, martial arts might've become a widespread practice--but its disciples from around the globe don't have any qualms in admitting that the art form drew its blood from the ancient Gurukuls of India.
17 Nov

World’s 1st ever Martial art is born in INDIA.

Its not everyday that a treasured art like Kalaripayattu is born and you know it is nothing ordinary when its the creation of not humans but the Gods themselves.

 It is carefully constructed with the sharp observations made on the complexities of nature and survival instincts, prey techniques, and basic anatomy of wild animals.


16 Sep

The ancient martial art of Kalaripayattu in Delhi

Kalaripayattu brings together the discipline of a fitness routine
“In its truest sense Kalari is not a form of aggression but one of self-discipline. It is designed to teach humility and an understanding of physical movement,” says Shinto Mathew, Kalari trainer and founder of Kalari Kendram. Over the years this ancient martial art has under gone tremendous changes. Today it has found a place in theatre, where it is embraced as a dance-form for self-expression.
27 Jul

Gaja Vadivu

Gaja Vadivu

How animals inspired the creation of this legendary warrior art - the role of Gaja in kalaripayattu

Kalari Gods believed in the power of nature. Nature has the key to all the locks created by a man’s mind who is living a restricted life that is self- limited, and what better way than to learn it from the animals who are living freely in the state of nature. The warrior Gods tried to inculcate the alertness of an animal’s physical senses, like that of an elephant ,the subconscious and clairvoyance in its martial character. And thus, formulated this legendary, unshakable warrior art.

Since, Kalaripayattu art of warfare is developed by closely observing the martial moves, fighting skills, and survival techniques of various ferocious animals, this art is raw and pure in its application. And thus, we will learn how doing workout the kalari way is the new best method to attain the mental , physical and spiritual fitness.

‘Cute’ is the first expression that comes to our mind when we hear the word, “elephants”. On the Contrary, these endearing creatures are one of the most ruthless fighters. Yes, it takes typically seven lionesses to kill a single adult elephant, such is the power of this majestic creature.
Here, Gaja meaning, elephant forms the foremost animal taken in Kalari in formulating the lesson of VADIVU.

09 May

Warfare has been part of mankind’s innate nature since the pre-historic era. Among the most ancient and proven forms of combat in history happens to have originated from Kerala. Early written evidence of Kalaripayattu has been found in Dhanurveda- the Vedic literature and in Sangam literature.



Kalaripayattu is derived from two words- ‘Kalari’ which means ‘Training school’ and ‘Payattu’ means ‘Practising’. Kalaripayattu techniques are a combination of ‘Chuvadu’ and ‘Vadivu’. Chuvadu means the basics of the martial art and Vadivu means the postures. These postures are inspired by animals that are natural fighters. These postures are eight in number. There may be slight variations from school to school, but the core principles remain the same all over.