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Kalari workshop ONLINE


  • Will be held From 23rd August 
  • Time: Morning slot: 6:30 AM IST to 8 AM IST
  • Days : 
  • Fees: Rs. –
  • Certification Course
  • Registration is Closed


In the ‘draining’ times, there is only one thing that does not cause exhaustion and that is: Learning.

After the successful and overwhelming response globally towards our regular ONLINE training classes which has more than 500 students enrolled currently, it is now time we add another class of training in the same discipline of Kalaripayattu but in a form of a WORKSHOP.

Yes, Kalari Kendram Delhi has decided to give its faithful and solicitous global family and followers the 1st ever LIVE online workshop conducted under the guidance of Gurukkal, Shinto Mathew, and his trained team of teachers.

With Systematic planning to consume less time and give humongous benefits in return,  we have decided to offer this unique fitness activity of an ancient origin to you in its authentic form.

This Kalaripayattu workshop is highly recommended for people who want to release some stress, experience fitness the ancient way along with having a good time learning a new Art.


  • One hour of Kalaripayattu practice is more than equal to running for 8-10 km.
  • Kalaripayattu, even after being such an intense physical fitness form, always leaves a practitioner with a peaceful and stress-free mind leading to a fulfilling sleep.
  • Even a single day of practice will make you realize that your whole body is being targeted. Kalaripayattu straight away targets your every muscle, joint, and marma (vital) point making it a wholesome experience.
  • Out of all the reasons, practice Kalaripayattu to know your roots, the ancient wisdom, and the authentic Indian way of life as formulated by not humans but Gods themselves.

Why choose to learn with Kalari Kendram?

  • Since it is conducted by an experienced team of Gurukkal, we ensure you that not for a second you will feel that it is in the ‘online’ mode.
  • Every lesson will be taught in the most detailed & authentic manner with individual attention to every student present.
  • Because Kalari Kendram believes in spreading the art without causing any distortion to the principles on which this art of warfare is based.

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