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Action packed combat Choreography for Television and Films

Kalari Kendram Delhi is an authentic team of artists with specialized skills of Kalaripayattu martial arts learnt over years of experience. We provides consultation and training in the impactful Kalari combat moves for movies , TV series and various other shows and hold sufficient experience in the field.

Cinema and television have come a long way since its inception. Whether it is a ‘Period Drama’ in a historical setting or a film based on martial arts set in ‘contemporary’ times, it is not uncommon nowadays for studios to feature professional combat specialists in action films and television shows.This evolution has been particularly visible in the last decade where both film- and television-makers have begun to perceive and appreciate the importance of authentic fight choreography.

About us

as action choreographers

With over fifteen years of expertise, Gurukkal Shinto Mathew, comes with a deep understanding and knowledge of Kalaripayattu in particular and the science of combat in general.

Being a dedicated practitioner himself, his expertise lies in using accurate principles of Kalaripayattu to design and construct fight sequences that not only educate the masses about our treasured methods of combat that has won us various battles but also creates entertainment and impact for the audience because films and television today have a much wider reach than before, thus aiding us in our larger vision to bring more awareness about Kalaripayattu to people in India and worldwide.

About our work

choreography projects

Through the accurate representation of this martial art form, our aim is to enhance the way Kalaripayattu is represented while enhancing the production value of action-based projects. We are open to choreography consultations for television, cinema, and advertisements.

Our recent projects include:

  • Farfetch, the UK based online luxury fashion company
  • Kambalabettu Bhatrena Magal, a Tulu film
  • Jasoos Vijay, a detective mystery TV series produced by BBC World Service Trust in collaboration with Doordarshan and National AIDS Control Organisation.

We offer consultation in designing both armed and unarmed fight choreography and specialize in-

  • Designing fight sequences that employ martial arts
  • The choreography of scenes depicting ancient warfare and weaponry
  • Urban combat techniques

Choreography is also available for one or a combination of the below-mentioned techniques and can be customized to cater to specific requirements of the project –

  • Stick fighting
  • Knife fighting & edged weapon choreography
  • Sword fighting sequences of Kalaripayattu
  • Dagger fighting sequences of Kalaripayattu
  • Kalari Locks and Throws


Kalari Kendram Delhi believes in orchestrating believable , memorable and theatrical fight sequences for you.