Kalaripayattu Corporate Fitness Program

WHAT we deliver under Corporate fitness program

This is probably the best decision you can take to boost up the confidence, overall efficiency and energy of your colleagues or employees.
You will experience a different perspective to fitness where the combination of rigorous and intense combative movements will leave you with a peaceful yet active state of mind.

Along with the drastic burning of calories and sweating out of toxins from the body, this session will generate a sense of feeling significantly powerful and empowered.

Please Note: Kalaripayattu has 2 aspects: Physical fitness through movements and internal fitness through healthy lifestyle choices and Chikitsa . We will educate about both the aspects in this single session for a wholesome experience.

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WHY  Kalaripayattu for Corporate Fitness Program

In just a single 45minutes session of this unique form of fitness activity leads to the activation and nourishment of each and every part of the body along with enhancing the cognitive skills and mental well being. Kalaripayattu directly targets the internal organs as well as regulates the blood circulation throughout the body leading towards removal of toxins and stagnant energy inside out.

Apart from being an incredible mood enhancer, Kalaripayattu also benefits in a much deeper & intrinsic mechanism that leads one to move towards healthy habits and routine as deserved by our body, on a daily basis. One of the best parts about Kalari is that anyone and everyone can practice it and reap the benefits irrespective of the age, fitness, flexibility and stamina levels.


Kalaripayattu for corporate fitness program is an initiative by our organization to educate the employees in a corporate gradation and all desk bound workers about the inter relation between a physically ‘active’ body and a saturation-free mind.

Kalari Kendram Delhi, through this program is spreading the wide-reaching effectiveness as well as benefits of this authentic Indian martial art: Kalaripayattu:  for a healthy work life

. It is a fitness program for awareness about the advantages of inculcating this distinctive fitness regime in your daily routine for a healthy mind, body and spirit as formulated and followed by our long living ancestors.

WHY choose us for your Corporate fitness program

Kalari Kendram Delhi is an organization that has been working diligently since 15 years towards spreading and promoting this art form of India.  It has created a respectful space for itself by compiling the best of knowledge and information from the authentic ancient texts as well as the learned Gurus of this rare art. Each trainer with us is trained by Gurukkal Mathew himself to take an effective and intense session in multiple languages untiringly with ease.

With all this experience, we have already engaged with clients from diverse fields and platforms like various schools, colleges and corporate sector including the International center for Korean culture, Delhi , as a Sessional professor in Ashoka University , etc. via digital and physical mediums, both.


Please note: With our team of trained professionals ,we cater to the audience of all size and numbers.