kalaripayattu costume

Best Costume for your Kalaripayattu

kalaripayattu costume orange kalarikendramdelhi

Kalaripayattu costume is an authentic uniform worn while practicing the Indian martial art of Kalaripayattu.

The costume comprises a Dhoti made out of a pure cotton fabric that is tied along the waist which keeps the pelvis and the umbilicus stable and strong during intense and strenuous movements.

The overall make of this designated costume is designed for the comfortable and free-flowing movement of the legs without any confinement.

Benefits of wearing a Kalaripayattu costume during any workout regime

• The cotton fabric is sweat friendly
• Enhances the mobility of various joints in the lower body.
• Keeps the core tight
• Extreme comfort
• Well ventilated
• Avoids bad odor.
• Ensures durability.

Goes well as a costume for any fitness activity like a martial art, yoga, meditation, dance, or any body movement regime…