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Shyamala Hari Govind

I have had low back pain since my second delivery. Just like most women, I simply used to manage it by gels and some rest and did not take steps to overcome the pain. It got worse and unmanageable in Feb 2021. I had been taking online Kalari classes with Shinto Matthew Gurukal and hence went for treatment at Kalari Ayurveda Treatment Centre.
Shinto Sir is very experienced and he was able to find the exact origin of the pain. The massage and khizhi treatment was very effective. I also took the given kashayam for two weeks. In just two weeks my pain of four years disappeared!
Sir assesses you each day and recommends the treatment accordingly and does not overcharge you.
Also, he very frankly tells you the possibility outcome of the treatment. If you follow his instructions I am sure he can cure you of any pain!

February 17, 2022

Atul Kulkarni IPS, Addl SP, Maharashtra.

kalaripayttu Testimonils by IPS officer kalarikendramdelhiI was introduced to Kalaripayattu through a friend while writing a book with him. I immediately contacted Shinto Sir who guided me through his online classes. So far the journey has been wonderful. All the movements practiced have given me a lot of confidence in my daily work as well as physical structure. THANK YOU sir, the art which was limited to Kerala alone, you have made it reachable for all of us across India. It is amazing to have people of all ages and gender in the class. I wish you the best sir.

October 21, 2015

DR. RITA JAIRATH, IFBB PRO bodybuilding Judge

Athlete , writer , Founder of Jairath Wellness . Since i belong to the fitness fraternity , I need to make my conscious endeavor to work on my over all fitness and the best decision I could have taken was to join the Kalari online classes with Shinto sir putting an end to my perception that this art could only be learnt while staying in Kerala. Having a teacher like Shinto Mathew sir is a blessing and gift from God. The classes are conducted while staying in its ancient and authentic structure. The best thing is that you can start this art at any age irrespective of your fitness levels. It leads to a complete harmony between the physical being and the inner self.

August 2, 2021

Tanya Sharma

photo kalarikendramdelhi

This is one of the most disciplined places, I have come thru in my life, and by discipline I mean not only behavioral discipline but you can learn here complete body and mind discipline. Circumstantially I got the opportunity to learn this art only for one year and during my training, I felt that Guruji has put his all to keep up the real standards of this most ancient art form. Quite away from business and profit-making associations he runs this sacred center, trying to sustain one of the most amazing wonders of ancient India. This art has lots of healing and keeping your body healthy secrets. Anyone, at any age of life and with any background or gender can learn this art safely. Inevitably I can say, Guruji is ensuring the genuineness of this center all by hi heart.

October 21, 2015

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