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Shinto Mathew

Shinto Mathew

kalaripayattu master
Mr. Mathew is the Kalaripayattu Master and Founder of the Kalari Kendram, the first Kalaripayattu temple in Northern India functioning in Delhi-NCR.


Mr. Shinto Mathew is the Founder of the organization – Kalari Kendram Delhi, the first-ever traditional Kalaripayattu temple in Northern India functioning in Delhi-NCR.

He is a professional Kalaripayattu master and has completed his training in Kalaripayattu under Shri K.K. Vijayan Gurukkal, Calicut, Kerala, and has practiced both, northern and southern distinctive styles of this martial art.

He also has presented Kalaripayattu on various national and international platforms in countries like the United States of America, Israel, China, Indonesia, South Korea, and Palestine.

Currently, the organization offers daily Kalaripayattu classes and informal training to the enrolled students. Alongside this, he is also running a Kalari Marma Chikitsa which is an ancient indigenous system of musculoskeletal treatments based on the traditional science of Ayurveda.

He conducts Kalaripayattu workshops for schools, government organizations, international embassies, and cultural centers, and various performing arts institutions.


2019 music launch event of Sye Ra Narasimha Reddy Bollywood movie, Hyderabad

2018 International Indo–Japan Martial Arts Meet, Delhi

2017 International Festival for arts and culture, Egypt

2016 World Martial Arts Festival, Indonesia

2014 Festival of India, Shanghai & Beijing, China

2008 Malayalee Association Onam Festival, Houston, America

2004 Festival of India, Israel & Palestine


Sessional Professor for Kalaripayattu, Ashoka University.

Fellowship granted in Kalaripayattu martial art, from the Government of India.

Membership in the Indian Council for Cultural Relations as a reference panel artist.


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