Kalari Kendram Delhi


Kalari Kendram, an international performing arts institution, brings you “Kalaripayattu”- the mother of all martial arts. It is one of the oldest fighting systems, since the birth of Humanity. And for the first time Kalari Kendram introduces “Kalaripayattu Temple” to the people of North India, situated in the capital of India – Delhi & Ncr.

Kalaripayattu is a unique blend of yoga, flexible acrobatic movements, contemporary dance steps, stances, fighting sequences and weaponry. Making it one of the most graceful, engaging and ravishing art form since eternity.

In its journey so far, Kalari Kendram has distinguished itself as a top notch performing arts institution having performed multitude of Kalaripayattu stage shows around the world as well as within India. The latest and brightest feather added in its much adorned hat is, representing India in the World Martial Arts Festival held in Purwakarta, Indonesia. Apart from the Kalaripayattu stage shows, Kalari Kendram also specializes in conducting Kalaripayattu classes for dancers, yoga experts, kids, and stunt-choreographers(for shooting Kalaripayattu sequences in cinema).


The word Kalaripayattu is a combination of two words namely ‘Kalari’ -meaning the traditional ground where Kalaripayattu is practiced and ‘payattu’ -meaning ‘fight’ or the actual practise. With a history of more than 3000 years, Kalaripayattu found its first reference in Dhanurveda, a section found in the Vedas (a large body of knowledge texts originating in the ancient Indian subcontinent). Kalaripayattu was primarily developed and evolved to handle & counter the wildlife and therefore, unlike other martial art forms, a majority of the Kalaripayattu stances and movements are derived from wildlife.

Giving it the divinity touch, Kalaripayattu was founded by Lord Parashurama (warrior saint and the 6th avatar of Lord Vishnu) and Maha-rishi Agastya. Lord Parashurama hand-picked four of the most aristocratic ‘Brahmins’, known as “ugram valli”, “Dronam valli”, “Khoram valli” and Ullur thuruthiyad, imparting them the special methods of Kalaripayattu. The ‘Brahmins’ passed down those special skills to their 21 disciples, which resulted in establishment of 108 Kalaripayattu Centers at different places in Kerala. Whereas, Maha-rishi Agastya focused more on the bare hand movements and Kalaripayattu-healings.

Kalaripayattu-healing is also very famous for its uniqueness and ingenuity. Kalaripayattu is also indebted to Maharishi Agastya for his immense contribution in the field of treatments for various diseases. He imparted the knowledge of ‘Marma’ – the science of healing through the marma points (human body pressure points). It is an amalgam of traditional massage, medicine and martial arts.


Binding Kalaripayattu art in the realms of just a martial art would be an injustice to its true nature. More than just a martial art it is a way of living, a dance to life, a vivid culture. Teaching the principles lessons of life; discipline, patience and integrity. Kalari Kendram ensures that its students not only learn to use their body in every possible way but also dwells into their inner being to unlock and awaken the dormant giant of possibilities and potentialities within them. This in turn assures that each student of Kalari Kendram grows and progresses in every aspect of his/her life. Kalari Kendram’s main concern is not only upliftment of physical characteristics but also mental and spiritual characteristics. The rhythmic movements, unique scientific system of psycho-physiological training and the culture are bound to change one’s life in a positive manner and enlighten it with beaming energy.


Kalaripayattu is not about how fast one can punch, how high one can kick or how bad one can injure a person. Rather it’s about exploring the mystical dimensions of oneself thereby helping people come alive, pushing the boundaries of self-set limitations, gaining confidence to confront challenges and to take the path less treaded and above all attain discipline necessary to live and lead a happy and content life. These elements come in handy for people of all age groups (starting from age 6), helping them in improving agility, productivity, concentration, self -confidence, courage and community involvement. There are special and separate Kalaripayattu techniques for beginners, for intermediates and for advanced. With advancement in levels of Kalaripayattu, the personality of the student also advances.


In today’s modern times where our society is leading such a sedentary lifestyle, obesity has become one of the most major health hazards. Recently people have started looking forward at Kalaripayattu training for weight loss. Due to its wholesome nature of exercises including Kalaripayattu locks, Kalaripayattu jumps, Kalaripayattu kicks and Kalaripayattu fight sequences; Kalaripayattu training becomes one of the best ways to shed weight quickly and naturally.


Kalaripayattu classes in Kalari Kendram are fully dedicated to provide equal and optimum opportunity to every student to excel. Hence, here in Kalari Kendram, students of all levels (beginners to most advanced) train together, providing the extraordinary opportunity of progressing as quickly and effectively as possible. Not only beginners learn fast but also get the zeal to not to give up in difficult times, as the more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in battlefield.


Whereas many Indian traditional art forms have been lost in the passage of time, Kalaripayattu has stood the test of time. The reason being it has evolved with the changing patterns of time and moreover engulfed many aspects of different art forms thereby making it “complete” in itself. Kalari Kendram offers a journey where you experience something new every day. So if you are looking for something which can add a meaning and zinc to your life, u have come at right place. Welcome aboard to explore the unseen you!