Shyamala Hari Govind

Testimonial / February 17, 2022

I have had low back pain since my second delivery. Just like most women, I simply used to manage it by gels and some rest and did not take steps to overcome the pain. It got worse and unmanageable in Feb 2021. I had been taking online Kalari classes with Shinto Matthew Gurukal and hence went for treatment at Kalari Ayurveda Treatment Centre.
Shinto Sir is very experienced and he was able to find the exact origin of the pain. The massage and khizhi treatment was very effective. I also took the given kashayam for two weeks. In just two weeks my pain of four years disappeared!
Sir assesses you each day and recommends the treatment accordingly and does not overcharge you.
Also, he very frankly tells you the possibility outcome of the treatment. If you follow his instructions I am sure he can cure you of any pain!